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Dandelion Wine

I have written about the origin and history of this book on my blog - click here to read.

As with most of Bradbury's novels, Dandelion Wine is a fix-up of many short stories. The table below shows all the source stories, some of which were first published in a very different form from how they appear in the novel. For example, "The Season of Sitting" was originally a first- person sketch, an apparently autobiographical account; in the novel, the viewpoint is switched to one of Bradbury's characters, and is told in third-person.

To date, there has been only one film adaptation of Dandelion Wine - the Russian Vino iz oduvanchikov (1997). However, Bradbury announced in July 2007 that he had been working on a screenplay for a new adaptation - also to be made in Russia.

Fifty years after the publication of Dandelion Wine, Bradbury finally released the sequel, Farewell Summer, plus a collection of other Green Town stories (Summer Morning, Summer Night) which had never found a home in either of the two main books.

Dandelion Wine

First published by Doubleday in 1957.

Picture shows Granada UK paperback edition (1982). Cover art by Peter Goodfellow.

Details of First publication
(and other notes)
Illumination     The Reporter, May 16 1957
Dandelion Wine     Gourmet, June 1953
Summer in the Air     Saturday Evening Post, February 18 1956
The Season of Sitting (part 1)     Charm, August 1951
The Night     Weird Tales, July 1946.
The Lawns of Summer     Nation’s Business, February 1952
The Happiness Machine Ray Bradbury Theatre Bradbury 13, 1984 Saturday Evening Post September 14 1957
Season of Disbelief   CBS Radio Workshop, 1956 Collier's, November 25 1950
The Last, the Very Last     The Reporter, June 2 1955
The Green Machine     Argosy, March 1951
The Trolley     Good Housekeeping, July 1955
Statues     (First appearance)
Exorcism Ray Bradbury Theatre   (First appearance)
The Window     Colliers, August 5 1950
The Swan     Cosmopolitan, September 1954
The Whole Town's Sleeping     McCall's, September 1950
Good-by Grandma     Saturday Evening Post, May 25 1957
The Tarot Witch     (First appearance)
Green Wine for Dreaming     (First appearance)
Dinner at Dawn     Everywoman’s Magazine, February 1954
The Season of Sitting (part 2)     Charm, August 1951

Grafton paperback (1990).


Bantam paperback (1987).


Bantam paperback, 8th printing June 1979.


Easton Press, 1988. One colour plate by Mugnaini. Special leather-bound edition with gilt decoration.


Avon Books hardcover, February 1999. Cover art by Tim O'Brien.


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