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About This Site

Yes, a lot of this site looks like Web1.0 - but that's because I originally created it a LOOOOOOOOONG time ago. And yes, some of the information here you will also find on Wikipedia - but that's because it appeared here first, and was then copied. Anyhoo...

This is very much a site perpetually under construction. The blog at the front end (click "home" above) is the bit that gets updated most often. The rest of the site is corrected and updated whenever I have a mind to do it.

Who am I? Thanks for asking! Read on:

I'm Phil Nichols, with a 2017 PhD from Liverpool University on the topic of Ray Bradbury and screenwriting. I've published a number of papers, essays, book chapters and articles about various aspects of Ray Bradbury's work (look me up on Academia or Researchgate if you'd care to see any of those publications. And I'm a podcaster and Youtube. Check out Bradbury 100 and Science Fiction 101 on your podcast app of choice, and look for Bradbury 101 on Youtube.

I've been reading Bradbury since (guess what?) the age of twelve. The Golden Apples of the Sun was my introduction. The first time a book presented to me in school had any appeal. Stories such as "The Pedestrian", "The Fruit at the Bottom of the Bowl" and "Hail and Farewell" made me realise that there was a world of literature that could look outward and inward at the same time.

Over the years, I have become excited to hear about - and then disappointed to experience - nearly every adaptation of Bradbury stories the media have thrown at us. Some (The Illustrated Man for one) left me thinking "so what?". Others (The Martian Chronicles) left me groaning (for god's sake, they even had a script by the excellent Richard Matheson, and they still made it dull and clunky). But every now and again...

...I would stumble across a gem such as Mike McDonough's masterful Bradbury Thirteen, or lay hands on Bradbury's own readings of his stories. And, hey, even Ray Bradbury Theater had some good moments!

So I'm jaded, and this may come across in the reviews to be found on this site. But if ever disappointment shows through, please know that it comes from a knowledge of what might have been, had the film-makers done the work justice!

This site - which I started in the early 2000s - was the springboard to that PhD study of Bradbury's screenwriting. The growth of the site slowed considerably during the seven long years it took me to work on the PhD. But it'still a useful resource for finding Bradbury info. Thanks for visiting!

Phil Nichols Updated August 2023





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