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Good starting point for information on Bradbury's books and stories, and for latest publishing news, although this isn't kept very up to date.The best part of the site is the Message Board, which is the best place to keep up to date with Bradbury's activities.

"Wired for Books" presents two audio interviews with Ray, conducted in the early 90s. Ray discusses writing, screenplays, and flying.

One of the earliest and best Bradbury sites, with one of the most detailed bibliographies available. This site became dormant for a couple of years, but it's now under new management and looks set to begin developing once again.
Another bibliographical site, from one of the collaborators on the above.
French site. Has one of the most detailed chronological listing of Bradbury short stories, especially for early (fanzine) works. If you don't read French, try using Babelfish to translate it for you.

New site, a collaboration between several contributors to the Ray Bradbury Message Board. Contains a growing number of reviews of Bradbury's short stories.

Russian site. Contains many full texts of Bradbury stories, some of them in English. If you don't read Russian, be prepared to click randomly on a few links until you stumble on the ones that show up in English! Or use Babelfish to translate it for you.

A very readable Ph.D. thesis by Steven Aggelis of Florida State University. Includes the full text of several major interviews with Bradbury, and a detailed biography, chronology and bibliography. (Steven tells me this link may break pending a re-shuffle of the FSU server.)

ZA's site posts old-time radio shows (and quite a bit of not-so-old material). It covers horror and SF, including lots of Bradbury material. If you dig through the archives, you'll find some Tales of the Bizarre and other great stuff.

Gwangi reviews old-time radio shows, and posts MP3 files of them. He covers a wide range of material, including occasional Bradbury material from X Minus One, Bradbury 13 and elsewhere - full episodes!

The Internet Speculative Fiction Database is a searchable database - if you do a name search on "Ray Bradbury", you will get quite the most detailed bibliography you are likely to find (outside of this site, of course!). Excellent resource, expecially if you are looking for information on a particular short story (most other bibliographies focus on books rather than shorts).

William Contento's Index to Science Fiction Anthologies and Collections used to be a useful book for tracking down short stories. Nowadays it is available online, which makes it more useful than ever. Another excellent resource.

French website with vast collection of pulp magazine cover scans and contents lists. Not easily searchable, but amazingly comprehensive.



Film & TV Links
Information on almost every film and TV production you can think of.
Lots of details on all sorts of radio shows.
Other Bradbury Related Stuff

A portfolio of Joseph Mugnaini artwork inspired by Bradbury's work, and with a text by Norman Corwin.



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