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Anyone can Google "Ray Bradbury", so I won't bother you with pages of easily-found links.

Instead, here are some really useful links, and some really quirky ones.



When Ray died in 2012, the contents of his famous basement office were donated to the Bradbury Center in Indianapolis. The office has been reconstructed, and it is possible to visit!


The Bradbury Center's website is rather static - but it has a lively Facebook page (administered by yours truly). Don't be put off by "studies"; the Facebook page posts all sorts of things to do with Ray, and is the best place to find news of Bradbury-related events. If I do say so myself.


The best place for fans to discuss Ray's work. A lively group with over 700 members, and rising every day.

A very readable Ph.D. thesis by Steven Aggelis of Florida State University. Includes the full text of many major interviews with Bradbury, and a detailed biography, chronology and bibliography. This thesis was later edited down into a book, Conversations with Ray Bradbury - but the thesis has more content than the book, and is legitimately free to download.


A fair starting point for information on Bradbury's books and stories, although this isn't kept very up to date.There is a Message Board, which used to be the best place to keep up to date with Bradbury's activities - but this has been bettered by the Facebook pages listed above.

ARCHIVED copy of one of the earliest and best Bradbury sites, with one of the most detailed bibliographies available. This site became dormant and eventually disappeared, but Archive.org's Wayback Machine has preserved some of its content.
ARCHIVED copy of another bibliographical site, from one of the collaborators on the above. Again, this site became dormant and eventually disappeared but some content is still accessible through the Wayback Machine.
French site. Has one of the most detailed chronological listing of Bradbury short stories, especially for early (fanzine) works. If you don't read French, try using Babelfish to translate it for you.

ARCHIVED copy of a collaboration between several contributors to the Ray Bradbury Message Board. Contains a number of reviews of Bradbury's short stories. The site is no longer extant, but much of the content is preserved on the Wayback Machine.

Russian site, some of it in English. Contains some full texts of Bradbury stories. If you don't read Russian, be prepared to click randomly on a few links until you stumble on the ones that show up in English!

The Internet Speculative Fiction Database is a searchable database for science fiction and fantasy. Excellent resource, expecially if you are looking for information on a particular short story (most other bibliographies focus on books rather than shorts).

William Contento's Index to Science Fiction Anthologies and Collections used to be a useful book for tracking down short stories. Nowadays it is available online, which makes it more useful than ever. Another excellent resource, albeit somewhat out of date.

French database of SF. Well organised, but best enjoted if you read French!



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