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Season of Disbelief/Hail and Farewell

Radio drama, CBS 1956, adapted and directed by Anthony Ellis.

First broadcast on CBS Radio, Feb 17, 1956

The Composer

The music for "Season of Disbelief/Hail and Farewell" was by Jerry Goldsmith, at the time a TV and radio composer - but soon to become one of the most influential Hollywood film composers.

Goldsmith also composed the music for the film adaptation of The Illustrated Man (1969) and worked with Bradbury on the cantata Christus Apollo and the opera version of Leviathan 99.

Goldsmith passed away in July 2004.

(Image: www.imdb.com)

CBS Radio Workshop was a highly regarded drama series which began at the tail end of the "Golden Age" of American radio (just as TV was becoming the dominant medium). The series was produced by William Froug, a writer-producer with a long track record in radio, and who would later produce TV series ranging from The Twilight Zone (he came in during the final year) to Gilligan's Island.

The series had begun with a two-part adaptation of Huxley's Brave New World, thus setting the tone for quality, literary SF and fantasy adaptations. Huxley himself narrated the production.

For the fourth programme of the series, two of Bradbury's short stories were adapted by Anthony Ellis. He had adapted Bradbury before - he had scripted "Zero Hour" for Suspense in 1955. "Season of Disbelief" had first appeared in Collier's magazine in 1950, and would soon re-emerge as a chapter of Bradbury's novel Dandelion Wine (1957).

Following in the Huxley tradition, Bradbury was asked to introduce his stories. He wrote and read a short introduction to each one, using the metaphor of life as a coiled rope.

Both stories are told by a narrator: John Dehner narrates "Season Of Disbelief"; Stacy Harris narrates "Hail and Farewell".

Click here to hear Bradbury's introduction to "Season of Disbelief".

Click here to hear Bradbury's introduction to "Hail and Farewell".

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