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The (New) Twilight Zone (1980s revival)


The Series

The Twilight Zone was originally a half-hour anthology series, hosted by Rod Serling. In the 1980s it was revived, with a one-hour format where each programme was built out of several unrelated shorter pieces.


Bradbury Episodes

This series featured two Bradbury episodes: one original scripted by Bradbury, and one adaptation of a published story.


Story 19 (second story in episode 8): "The Burning Man" (15 November 1985)
Written and directed by J.D. Feigelson, based on the Bradbury short story.


Story 39 (first story in episode 16): "The Elevator" (31 January 1986)
Written by Ray Bradbury, based on an unpublished short story; directed by R.L.Thomas.

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