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A Sound of Thunder (2005)

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"A Sound of Thunder"

The short story first appeared in Collier's, June 28 1952.

Its first book appearance was in The Golden Apples
of the Sun


Bradbury on "A Sound of Thunder"

"...one day...I said to myself, 'This is the day, I'm going to sit down and write myself a story about dinosaurs'...let's form a safari... I've always been interested in people like Frank Buck and Martin Johnson and his wife, when I was a child, and going to Africa. So let's make up a safari in time and send them back to hunt a dinosaur

...and three hours later the story was completed."

Ray Bradbury, introduction to "A Sound of Thunder", Fantastic Tales of Ray Bradbury (Listening Library, 1986).


Production Credits

Screenplay: Thomas Dean Donnelly, Clement Enlatarne, Joshua Oppenheimer, Gregory Poirier; from Bradbury short story

Directed by Peter Hyams

Cast: Edward Burns, Ben Kingsley, Catherine McCormack, Jemima Rooper, Wilfried Hochholdinger, August Zirner, Corey Johnson.


Hunters travel back in time to hunt dinosaurs... and inadvertently change history.

...asuming they follow Ray Bradbury's original story, of course. More detail later in 2005, when the film is released.



The latest news on this production is that release has finally been scheduled for September 2005...review to follow as soon as it is released!

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