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Tomorrow Midnight

This book collected more of the 1950s EC Comics adaptations of Bradbury short stories. The adaptation were by Al Feldstein. The book has a foreword by Bradbury. The previous volume was issued in 1965: The Autumn People. The full story of the Bradbury-Feldstein collaboration is told in Jerry Weist's Bradbury: an Illustrated Life (Wm. Morrow, 2002).

This following table lists the contents of Tomorrow Midnight, and links to adaptations of the stories in various media.

Details of First publication
(and other notes)
Punishment Without Crime      
I, Rocket      
King of the Grey Spaces      
The One Who Waits      
The Long Years      
There Will Come Soft Rains      
Mars is Heaven!      
Outcast of the Stars      

Tomorrow Midnight

First published by Ballantine in 1966, this book reprinted comic strip adaptations of Bradbury stories taken from EC Comics in the 1950s..

Picture shows cover painting by Frank Frazetta.

Opening page of the adaptation of "The Long Years", from Weird Science no. 17 (Jan-Feb 1953.) Artwork by Joe Orlando.

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