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S is for Space

This table lists the contents of S is for Space, and links to adaptations of the stories in various media.

Details of First publication
(and other notes)


    Amazing Stories, July 1946.

Pillar of Fire

    Planet Stories, summer 1948

Zero Hour

    Planet Stories, fall 1947

The Man

    Thrilling Wonder Stories, February 1949.

Time in thy Flight

    Fantastic Universe, Jun/Jul 1953

The Pedestrian

    The Reporter, August 7 1951

Hail and Farewell

    Today, March 29 1953

Invisible Boy

    Mademoiselle, November 1945.

Come into my Cellar

Alfred Hitchcock Presents   First appeared in Galaxy Science Fiction, October 1962. Re-published as "Boys! Raise Giant Mushrooms in Your Cellar!"

The Million-Year Picnic

    Planet Stories, summer 1946.

The Screaming Woman

Ray Bradbury Theater   Today, May 27 1951

The Smile

    Fantastic, Summer 1952

Dark They were, And Golden Eyed

    First published as "The Naming of Names", Thrilling Wonder Stories, August 1949.

The Trolley

    Good Housekeeping, July 1955

The Flying Machine


The Golden Apples of the Sun (1953)

Icarus Montgolfier Wright

    The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction, May 1956.

S is for Space

First published by Doubleday in 1966.

Many of its stories had appeared in previous collections such as Golden Apples of the Sun

Picture shows Pan edition (1972).

Bantam paperback, 13th printing September 1979.

Bantam paperback, 1972.

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