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The Martian Chronicles
(also known as The Silver Locusts (UK)

I have written about the origin and history of this book on my blog - click here to read.

This table lists the contents of The Martian Chronicles, and links to adaptations of the stories in various media.

In 2009 a limited edition book appeared from Subterranean Press and PS Publishing: The Martian Chronicles: The Complete Edition. This reproduced the "standard" Chronicles and had added sections: one containing "other" Mars stories, and one containing a pair of Bradbury screenplay adaptations. There were also a smattering of articles, tributes and memoirs from writers who have been influenced by Bradbury.

The additional Mars stories are listed below in the second table.

Details of First publication
(and other notes)
Rocket Summer     (First appearance.) (NOT the same as the story in Planet Stories, Spring 1947)
Ylla     First published as "I’ll Not Ask for Wine", Maclean’s, January 1 1950
The Summer Night     First published as "The Spring Night", Arkham Sampler, winter 1949
The Earthmen Ray Bradbury Theater   Thrilling Wonder Stories, August 1948.
The Taxpayer     (First appearance.)
The Third Expedition     First published as "Mars is Heaven", Planet Stories, fall 1948
And the Moon be Still as Bright     Thrilling Wonder Stories, June 1948.
The Settlers     (First appearance.)
The Green Morning     (First appearance.)
The Locusts     (First appearance.)
Night Meeting     (First appearance.)
The Shore     (First appearance.)
The Fire Balloons     First published as "In This Sign…", Imagination, April 1951. This story not included in all editions of Chronicles, but usually included in Locusts.
Interim     Weird Tales, July 1947.
The Musicians     (First appearance.)
Way in the Middle of the Air     (First appearance.)
The Naming of Names     (First appearance.)
Usher II     First published as "Carnival of Madness", Thrilling Wonder Stories, April 1950. This story not included in all editions of Locusts, but usually included in Chronicles .
The Old Ones     (First appearance.)
The Martian     First appeared as "Impossible", Super Science Stories, November 1949
The Luggage Store     (First appearance.)
The Off Season     Thrilling Wonder Stories, December 1948.
The Watchers     Weird Tales, May 1945
The Silent Town     Charm, March 1949
The Long Years Ray Bradbury Theater   First published as “Dwellers in Silence”, Maclean’s, September 15 1948
There Will Come Soft Rains   August 2026: There Will Come Soft Rains, BBC 1971 Collier's, May 6 1950
The Million Year Picnic     Planet Stories, summer 1946.

"Other" Mars Stories
(collected in The Martian Chronicles: The Complete Edition (2009))

Details of First publication
(and other notes)
The Lonely Ones     Startling Stories, July 1949
The Exiles     First published as "The Mad Wizards of Mars", Maclean’s, September 15 1949
The One Who Waits     Arkham Sampler, summer 1949
The Disease     (First appearance.)
Dead of Summer     (First appearance.)
The Martian Ghosts     (First appearance.)
Jemima True     (First appearance.)
They All Had Grandfathers     (First appearance.)
The Strawberry Window     Star Science Fiction Stories #3, ed. Frederik Pohl, Ballantine 1954
Way In The Middle Of The Air     The Martian Chronicles, 1950
The Other Foot     New Story, March 1951
The Wheel     (First appearance.)
The Love Affair     The Love Affair, Lord John Press 1982 (but written c.1948)
The Marriage     (First appearance.)
The Visitor     Startling Stories, November 1948
The Lost City of Mars     Playboy, January 1967
Holiday     Arkham Sampler, Autumn 1949
Payment In Full     Thrilling Wonder Stories, February 1950
The Messiah The Martian Chronicles (TV 1980)   Welcome Aboard, spring 1971
Night Call, Collect     First published as “I, Mars”, Super Science Stories, April 1949.
The Blue Bottle     First published as "Death-Wish", Planet Stories, Fall 1950.
Dark They Were, And Golden Eyed Bradbury 13   First published as "The Naming of Names", Thrilling Wonder Stories, August 1949.

The Martian Chronicles

First published by Doubleday in 1950.

Picture shows 1977 Panther paperback edition (of UK variant title The Silver Locusts). Cover art by Peter Goodfellow.

Heritage Press edition (1974): hardcover in slipcase, alternate bindings (no dust jacket as issued), This edition has colour and black-and-white illustrations by Joseph Mugnaini.

Doubleday hardcover book club edition (date unknown).

deNoel edition (France, 1986)


Flamingo paperback (1995).


Bantam paperback (1994). Cover art is "Destiny's Road" by Michael Whelan, designed for the fortieth anniversary edition (1991).


Doubleday hardcover, date unknown.Cover art by Robert Watson.


Bantam paperback, 54th printing.


Avon Books hardcover, February 1997. Cover art by Tim O'Brien.


Bantam paperback, 1980. Cover art is a scene from the TV mini series.


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