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The Small Assassin

I have written about this book and its origins on my blog. Click here to read.

This table lists the contents of The Small Assassin, and links to adaptations of the stories in various media.

Details of First publication
(and other notes)
The Small Assassin Ray Bradbury Theater
The Small Assassin
  Dime Mystery Magazine, November 1946
The Next in Line     Dark Carnival (1947)
The Lake     Weird Tales, May 1944.
The Crowd Ray Bradbury Theater   Weird Tales, May 1943.
Jack-in-the-Box     Dark Carnival (1947)
The Man Upstairs     Harper’s, March 1947
The Cistern     Mademoiselle, May 1947
The Tombstone     Weird Tales, March 1945
The Smiling People     Weird Tales, May 1946
The Handler   Weird Tales, January 1947
Let's Play "Poison"     Weird Tales, November 1946.
The Night     Weird Tales, July 1946.
The Dead Man     Weird Tales, July 1945.

The Small Assassin

First published by Ace UK in 1962.

Most of its contents were taken from the first British editions of Dark Carnival and The October Country.

Picture shows Panther edition (1976).

Grafton paperback (UK).

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