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75th Birthday Tribute to Ray Bradbury

Radio drama, California Artists Radio Theater, 1995, produced and directed by Peggy Webber.

The Contributors

Norman Corwin

Charles Champlin

David Warner

Samantha Eggar

Stan Freberg

William Windom

Parley Baer

Norman Lloyd

Elliott Reid

Rod Steiger

Shelley Long

California Artists Radio Theater (CART) was founded in 1984 by actor, director and producer Peggy Webber. Their productions have been broadcast on radio stations in California and across the US. Many of their award-winning productions are also available commercially, on disc and via download..

In 1995, CART produced this birthday tribute to Ray Bradbury, bringing together a star-studded cast many of whom had previously worked on Bradbury productions. It was performed in front of an audience at the Forum Theatre of the Thousand Oaks Performing Arts Centre.

The show consists of readings from Bradbury's stories and poetry. Many of the readings are dramatised. The running order is as follows:


Tribute from Norman Corwin, read by Charles Champlin

"Ylla", with David Warner and Samantha Eggar; narrator Richard Erdman
"Remembrance", read by Stan Freberg
Dandelion Wine with William Windom, Parley Baer, Kathleen Freeman and Billy Idelson
"The Pedestrian", with Norman Lloyd and Elliott Reid
"The Illustrated Man" with Rod Steiger and David Warner
Death is a Lonely Business with Stan Freberg, Shelley Long and Charlotte Grey
Tribute from John Gavin
Tribute from Tony Huston (son of John Huston)
"The Beggar on O'Connell Bridge" with Shelley Long, William Windom, Marty Maguire, Kathleen Freeman and Shay Duffin
Ray Bradbury speaks

The show is very effectively put together, with some excellent performances. A highlight is the performance of "The Illustrated Man", with Rod Steiger revisiting the role he inhabited in the 1969 film of the same name. Probably the most effective episode, though, is "The Beggar on O'Connell Bridge", which brings out both the humour and the sadness of the short story.

Five years later, CART put on another, similar show to celebrate Bradbury's 80th birthday.

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